Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tell Me About it Tuesday: A spoon, a plate and a vent.

I need to get something out or I just might burst.  This is not the typical Hickman Five Post.  It falls into my Tell Me About it Tuesday category - venting.  So if you don't want to read me venting, please pass right over this post - I will be back to myself in the next one.

Shared on FB - I don't know the original credit, I apologize.
I saw this shared from a friend of mine on Facebook earlier today.  Anytime I see things like this - specifically, use washable not disposable - my blood pressure goes up a little.

If you have read this far stick with me, it is probably not why you think.  

I am a washable gal all the way and not because it is the "new, green-living thing" to do.  I am not that much of a hipster - even though my sister would disagree with that statement.  I have always been a wash it instead of throw it away because of something green.  Money.  It costs more to buy disposable dishes than it does to take the 5 seconds it takes to wash something.  I even have re-useable picnic dishes.  

So, the reason this gets me so riled up is because when I host an event with my extended family - they have issues with the fact that I do not use disposable plates, cups and plastic-ware for a party - at my home.  (If we are throwing the party elsewhere like the clubhouse I will use throw away, I don't want to transport dirty dishes, that is gross.)  They have such issues with it they have brought disposable into my house when I am the one throwing the party!

Now I am told it is so that I don't have to do all that cleaning, and it is just to make life easier.  And basically I just need to get over it.  Fine, it makes clean up easier when it comes to dishes, but not trash.  I would rather rinse off dishes and throw them in the dishwasher than have to take 2 bags of trash a 1/4 of a mile to the dumpster.  

Why can't people just think?  It might be offensive if I don't want to eat my meal on their dishes!  I don't go into your cabinets and pull out your washable dishes when you are throwing a party.  That would be bat-crap crazy!  So don't do it to me.  Keep your disposable stuff at your house, I will use it there because that is YOUR preference.  Respect me and my house enough to use my dishes - the ones set out on the table not the ones from my cabinet - I don't care that I have to wash them.

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