Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Toddler Twosday

Name Change! 

I am going to not speak "terrible" over my children any longer.  There is power of life and death in the tongue.  "Terrible" Twosday is being changed to Toddler Twosday.  Besides then when I have 2 toddlers, both of which will not be 2 I can still keep the same topic!  This way I can, and you can, talk about the wonderful things that are going on in our toddlers lives, not just the not so wonderful things. 

Like I have said before, I am not dealing with a terrible case of "terrible" twos anyway, so I feel a little bad talking like I have it so bad when there are moms out there that have it way worse. 

So ... what is going on with your toddlers?  

Ours - her imagination is taking flight.  The other night there was a dragon living under our couch.  It is not odd for her to come running to me and saying "Oh the elephant!"  There is an imaginary elephant that frequents our house.  Or "roar" at me and tell me the lion is going to get me.  

Her love for painting and drawing.  As I am typing this she is painting.  She told me that the painting is of Mommy and Daddy's house.  Lately she is drawing faces.  She is adding facial features and telling us they are certain members of the family.  

She is an amazing little being.  We love her so much and are blessed to be her parents.  

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