Tuesday, August 14, 2012

F {All About Me}

There are several words that I could use for F.  Like ... 

Forgetful! - seeing that I was supposed to write and post this on SUNDAY! It's now Tuesday.

Faith - I am a Christian, I think that is pretty obvious from the blog and there are some things going on right now, but I am not exactly ready to share.

Fantastic - Yes, because I am just that awesome.

Fearful - I have lots of them, but I am not going to live in them.

Favorite/Fan - I could have listed all my favorites or things I am a fan of.  

So the word I choose ... 

Soup Can Utensil Holder -
Football Crafts
from Touch of Home Learning

Did you notice that the first preseason game on was on Thursday - sure, it's not "real" football - because sure the games don't really count, but it is football.  It was the Green Bay Packer game even!  

I had been a football fan my entire life.  We watched every Sunday.  I didn't even know of this whole crazy NFL blackout rule.  I was from Wisconsin - there is never a game that would not be sold out! To get tickets you need to know somebody who knows somebody type thing.  It is kinda crazy.

When my husband and I met it was nearing the end of Brett Favre's reign as quarterback for the Green Bay Packers.  I had told him for years, when Brett Favre retires I will stop being a Packer fan and be a Bengals fan.  

Yeah, that lasted all of one season.  

Especially when I now live in a town {city} where the team rarely sells out the stadium it's hard to be a fan of the hometown team when you can only watch them on TV when they are out of town! (or go 80 miles away and hope the game will be on their TV - that's the radius for the blackout rule.)  

So if someone asked me who is your favorite football team, yes I would say I am a Bengal Fan, but I am also a Packer Fan.  I like to see the Packers do well.  I like to watch them when they are on TV.  When the Packers play the Bengals I live in a divided house.  I cheer for both.  It's really a win-win for me.  

Bad Call Ball -
Football Crafts from Touch of Home Learning
I am not one of those fans who live and die by their team.  If the team I am cheering for loses, I am usually the one saying - they lost because they deserved to lose did you see this or that.  I am not the fan who is like, ugh where's their call for this or that - so and so did not deserve to win.  

I have been know to say, my blood is green this time of the year.  I start to feel the itch for football around June.  I LOVE IT!  This year I have has a few things to be able to distract me from my itch, like the Summer Olympics and the fact our baseball team is in a pendent race.  

But last night Monday Night football was on and everything was right in the world.  

Noise Maker -
 Football Crafts
from Touch of Home Learning
I am one of those fans who look at the schedule of our lives on Sunday - okay, the kids get up at 7 regardless of the day of the week.  Why don't we just go to church at 9, get our errands done and home by naptime, then we won't miss any kick offs?  Yes, I change our church going schedule to fit in football.  Bonus of going to a large church.  

I am one of those fans that serves my family appetizers as a meal because they are football foods.  Come on! that is just fun.  I am one of those fans that watches Monday Night Countdown for the "Come on Man!" segment.  I am one of those fans that says, okay this game is on this channel and the Bengals game is on that channel.  That is how we flip during commercials.  I am one of those fans who looks at our budget and contemplates the cost of Direct TV to get the NFL network.  

So I end this post with this question for you ... 

Are you ready for some football?!?!?

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