Monday, August 13, 2012

Make It Happen Monday - Week 2

While on a date recently Hubs and I went to look at the house he wants to buy.  If we are supposed to have this house it will be available when we are ready or a better one will be.  The house we love is four houses from this.

We are working on living more intentionally and living with more purpose in our lives.  So I have started Make it Happen Monday.  I am putting my goals up and then I am updating you on how we did next week.

So here they are! 

5 "Post It's" (in quotes because facebook messages also are applicable).
{ABD} - Movie Date, possible ideas at Dating Divas

Stick to our meal plan of the week.
Work the daily clean plan Monday, Thursday, and Friday.
Hall Closet, clean and organize.

Play outside 2-3 times this week
Schedule playdates

Only one pop this week.
Make it to the gym Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday or Sunday.
Shower before 3pm everyday - I know what you thinking ... I am stay at home mom of 2 under 3.  Showering is sometimes a luxury.
Even more of a luxury - make up.  Do it 3 times before Hubs gets home this week.

Have a content plan for the next 2 weeks.  Post topics in as many of the daily idea plans as possible each week.
Market, Market, Market
Share tweets and posts of others.
Utilize Pinterest to share posts.
Find MeMe's and Hops for everyday.

Work on eBook 5 hours this week, get all typing done.

Set date to see Hope Springs with one of my besties.
Email two friends and set up times to hang out.

Read or listen to the book of John
Journal 15 minutes
Register for the Joyce Meyer Battlefield Mind Bible Study at church.

Our House
Prioritize our debt and set up a plan to keep paying it.
Start the envelope system.

Now I have a cake to get done and cleaning to get to.  Mondays are tidy up the whole house and finish any left over chores from the weekend.  However, laundry will be waiting until tomorrow since I do have A LOT of cooking/kitchen stuff to do.

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  1. Hi sara,
    Nice list of goals! I may have to borrow a few. :o).


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