Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hope Springs {House Party}

Recently I was invited to throw a House Party.  It was for the Meryl Streep's new movie, Hope Springs.

I had so much fun planning this party.  I got to plan a party so I am all over that!  Hope Springs is about a couple who have lost the romance in their marriage.  They go to Maine for marriage counseling and I am sure hilarity will ensue.  

House Party sends you some great swag to give to your guests.  

IOU Coupon Booklets, Movie Relationship Guide and Conversation Starter Cards

Wine glasses and Canvas Tote Bags

Seeing that the movie takes place in Maine I went with a rocky beach theme.   Lots of shells and gravely sand - ocean scented candles.  

The movie is about reigniting the flame, so we made date boxes to help us when we get in a dating rut. We crafted the boxes and then filled them with brainstormed ideas for dates.

I also made some theme inspired snacks.  Sandy Brownies and Fruit Salsa.  

It is so important to keep dating your husband.  It keeps the romance alive.  It makes your marriage a priority.  We have some very serious goals we are trying to reach.  They are financial in nature, we want a house.  However, we find this such a priority we find ways to creatively date without spending money.

Check out this post for our Ladies Night Inspired Date.  This date cost me $1.80.  The cost of 2 candy bars.  

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