Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's Okay {Really, it is}

Last week I found out that there is this awesome carnival at A Complete Waste of Makeup and Brunch with Amber

I figured I would link up again this week. Might not be as fun as last week's post.

It's Okay

to relish the few hours when Hubs has left to play tennis with his man friend and the kids are in bed.
to need a quiet house {even if it means nightly}.
to admit I am a work in progress.
that I don't like people sometimes.
to be posting this during quiet time because it's what I want to do.
to be happy that certain aspects of life are coming to an end.
that some relationships will need to change {because of the upcoming ending}.
to make a sudden change. 
to chop off your own hair, especially when it turns out great and you feel great about it.
to say "I don't care what you think." and mean it.
to want to make major changes in your life to make it better.
to say, It will be OK.  You will be OK.

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  1. It will be okay. Promise!! I love some of these this week.


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