Monday, August 6, 2012

Make it Happen Monday {goals update}

Last week I mentioned that I have been going through this whole live intentionally thing.  Making an effort and living with a purpose.  I also mentioned that I am an over-achiever and I might set some pretty out there goals for myself.  

These are the goals I set last week and how I did.
7 days of post its - specific things that I love about Keith {Only got 3}
After Bed Date Friday - Olympic theme, little games, and snacks.  Post coming soon
Make his lunch twice this week. {His office provided lunch 3 times this week and we met up for lunch on Friday, so I ran out of days}
Make sure he has paired socks to get him through the week.  {this really does make or break his day} 
Follow my cleaning schedule. {The stuff got done but not according to the schedule}
Eat dinner at home Monday through Friday. {Missed Friday}
Create Meal Plan for August  
Begin our reward chart. {yeah, forgot this one was even on here}
Be strong on keeping consequences {DVD's were taken away this week} YEAH!
Play more between 9 and 11. 
No more than 36 ounces of pop this week.
3 nights elliptical, 2 nights walking (minimum 2 miles) - weights and abs each night at gym {This didn't happen this way.  One night bike, One night elliptical ... did I seriously only make it to the gym twice last week?!? Not acceptable.}
Reading Plan {outside of review books} {oops}
Lotion daily and self pedi {half}
Turn off TV after Doc and journal 15 minutes. {only made it one day with this one.}
Pray throughout the day - out loud.  When someone crosses my mind or a worry, or I feel the nudge - speak it!
Listen to 1 book from the bible on Bible Gateway this week. {oops}
Intentionally work my marketing and content plan. {the In-House stuff was really busy this week and I this didn't happen}
Finish the how to's of the upcoming eBook. {see previous goal}
Thank you notes to the friends that attended Hope Springs Party. {Darn it!}
Email 3 friends I have not talked to in over 3 weeks.
Schedule parties for the rest of the year.  Once a month get together. {December needs some adjusting for the events, meaning I need to talk to some others for final dates.}
Schedule August playdates. {oops}
Newsletter about upcoming events {birthdays, gift ideas, sizes}
Plan and schedule big events for the rest of the year.
Plan a fun family day with a free event for us four. {Third Sunday Funday 19th, It's a Zoo at the Taft}
Reset our budget to reach our goals and get it in writing. {moving to this week}
Grocery Plan and Budget. {half}
I have found that I need to have these in a more visible place.  I wrote it into my planner write near my content plan for the week.  I knew it was in there, but I don't remember even looking at the second page of it at all this week.  Yeah, where all that opps stuff starts!

I think I also need my to-do list like (more visible) because I really don't think I marked off anything last week.

Seeing that I made a change in my planning day I didn't get to much planning yesterday.  To make my life easier (or so I thought and I am going to keep at it so it get better and faster at it) I am preparing thing for the week, chopping and baking and what nots.  Then I just have to throw things together on the day we are cooking it.

This means that I am going to need to take some time to do the planning today.  I will post this week's goals later today.

Lunch time!

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  1. Comment sent via FB

    Just wanted to let you know you are an awesome mommy and wife. When I read your blog last week and saw how you accomplished them I would give you and A+. Yeah some of them did not happen like the lunch but you did what all mommies did and became flexible. Yes exhaustion is what being a mom is all about but you go through it because you love them.

    This past saturday we had a campout in the backyard at the sitters, Meredith was inside sleeping Eden was in the tent with the others. She forgot her pillow. I gave her mine. I was exhausted but it is being the best wife and mom.

    They love you without a doubt and so does Keith! Just remember you can always sleep when you retire LOL.


    P.S. The walks and cheap dates are always the best at least to me


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