Monday, August 6, 2012

{Review} Sonrise Stable, Rosie and Scamper by Vicki Watson

Sonrise Stable by Vicki Watson was a nice change of pace.  I got to read a fiction story that didn't end in a cliff hanger.  Does that mean that I have to go back to 'chapter books' to get a complete story in a fiction book?

If I would have tried I am sure that I would have finished the whole book in one day, but I am an adult and this series is for children.  That being said - I will be handing this book off to Little Miss as soon as she is old enough (as in actual ability, not a YA reader sort of way).  I will be reading it to her as soon as her interest starts showing for longer stories as well.

Are you looking for a children's book with well developed simply complex characters?  This book is for you.  Let me explain what I mean by simply complex.  The characters have stuff going on in their lives.  Their lives are complete and complex just like ours.  As an adult I am left asking - why is Carrie in foster care?  Or what sickness is Carrie's mom battling?

As a child the story is captivating and page turning.  Thinking back to when I was a book worm {yes, I know I still am} I would have loved a book like this.  It might have brought up a lot of questions that my parents would not have been able to answer.  Questions about the Christian faith, but this would have been a good thing.

As a parent this book shows great ways to tie our faith into everyday aspects of our lives.  Such as the purposeful "misspelling" of "Sonrise".  It teaches principles of the Christian faith without being preachy.   Vicki uses scripture in the story, she talks about God, the characters are Christians and it is implied that they have good morals.

If you are a Christian parent and have children who are reading or enjoy just listening without many pictures click here and get a copy.

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