Wednesday, September 19, 2012

{Into the Word Wednesday} It's gotta be good.

Why does this happen?

"Dear God, I really need a good night's rest.  Please keep little mister here in your arms tonight."  Just to be woke up not even 5 minutes after?  - now granted that was weeks ago.  Exact opposite of what I want. 

Then there is last night, "Dear God please keep little miss sleeping in her bed tonight.  I don't want to share my bed, or have to get up.  I am exhausted from the day and just need a good night's rest.  In Jesus name, Amen." To hear the crying start and have to get up.  At least I was not asleep yet.  However, after this incident she did stay in bed all night and didn't wake up until 7:30.  So, that was an answered prayer.  

Wonder what God is trying to teach me here. 

As I ponder on that let me tell you this ... I have started a new bible study.  Joyce Meyer, "Battlefield Mind".  I have the same wonderful leader as the Beth Moore Esther study.   I am hoping that our group gels as nicely as our last one did.  This is a very ecclectic group of women I am excited to see what God can do for us. 

We have been into the study for 3 weeks.  I know I am sorry I should have shared sooner, but I have been going through some stuff and just haven't been all that active on the writing side of things. 

I have read this book before, I was at a very different point in my life.  I was dating Hubs.  We were going headstrong in an Amway business.  We didn't have kids.  I was a "new" Christian.  So this time around, I am at a very different point in my life.  I figured the book will speak to me very differently now than it did then. 

So I am reading along and I am early on in chapter 1.  She writes, "Get to know Jesus.  Get to know the Holy Spirit.  Let him help you." 

I need to let you in on something here.  I have been a Christian for 7-8 years now and reading the bible has always been a hard, hard thing for me.  So my understand of the bible and my knowing of Jesus has kind of come third party.  My information would not be admissable in a court of law because most of it comes from someone else.  Now those sources are usually pretty credible - Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, our pastors and then other Christians - maybe not as credible, but definitly smarter than me.  When I say smarter I really just mean more knowledgeable. 

So after reading that, I wrote (yep coming right from my journal): Yeah, but how do you get to know him?  You can't just say, "Jesus, so ... tell me about yourself."  I felt it bubble up from my soul and softly heard, "that is why you need to study the bible.  to get to know me.  it's all right there.  every answer you seek."

So I don't know what God is really trying to work out in me right now, I do know this ... God loves me and no matter whatn I am going through all things are going to work together for our good.  I can do all things through Christ because he gives me strength.  The more I get to know him, through my own study - as weak as it might be sometimes - and through the knowledge he has given the people he has put in my life.  I know he has a plan for us and nothing is going to stop us. 

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  1. Battlefield of the Mind is one of my favorite books!! I think I might have to reread it here soon. You are right. It will work out. I often try to find the meaning behind why my prayers weren't answered too. It's hard to just wait, which is what I think He wants me to do most of the time. Testing my patience for sure!

  2. I've wanted to read that book!!! I will definitely have to put it on my list!


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