Tuesday, September 18, 2012

{Review} Crossing Values by Carrie Daws

Seeing that I am a part of the Christian Women Affliates Reveiw Crew, I get to review some great things.  The latest ... Crossing Values by Carrie Daws.

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I really think this is the first Christian Romance that I have ever read.  Let me just say this, can I get my hands on some more?  This book was so right up my alley.  I was needing a quick fiction read.  I was needing a story that was encouraging but maybe stretched my faith some.

This book did just that.

It's a love story.  Jesus taught us to love God and to love others as we love ourselves.  The Yager family does just that.  Faye and Frank take in Amber, a girl on the run.  Amber refused to let anyone get close to her.  Everyone is going to hurt you or let you down, so don't let them get to close.  Amber spends the winter helping the Yager family.  As she spends the winter with them she starts to ask questions.  Big, tough questions.  Questions not all Christians are equipped to answer.

God prepared the Yager family for Amber.  God guided Amber to this specific family, all without Amber every really believing.  And if I tell you about my favorite part I will give you too much, so I must stop there.

Carrie Daws is not the first Christian Fiction author I have read.  Her characters are the most "Christian" characters I have ever read.  These characters pray.  These characters talk about their faith.  These characters talk about God.  They quote and refer to scriputre.  In others, off of this is  implied.  They way that Carrie develops her characters shows me that she also has a very strong faith.  That was refreshing.

I finished the book and said to Hubs, "Wow, that was really good."

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  1. Wow! I'm almost speechless after reading this review! I think you have encouraged me as much as I apparently encouraged you. Thank you for such a wonderful review. I hope you enjoy Ryan's Crossing even more!


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