Monday, September 3, 2012

Make It Happen Monday - week 4

Last week was a lazy week.  I truly embraced it.  About 6 weeks ago, I had this "clarity" moment when I decided I was going to live intentionally.  Well, I have faltered here and there but ... we are currently living the consequences of our decisions.  Time to make new decisions. 

I have been making goals for a few weeks, but I have not been all that headstrong to get it done.  I have kinda just been going day to day with life and focusing on the problems instead of God and the that it is all His.  I have to do the what.  I have to focus on the what ... not the how.  Right now I truly believe that God wants this blog to be the what, but I have not been focusing on it all that much.  I put things up here and there, but I have not been consistent enough. 

My kids are young.  There is the highest of probabilities that Kaitlyn will not remember what happens in our lives right now.  NOW is when we need to make the changes.  NOW is when we need to create the life that we want them to have.  NOW she is watching our every move.  NOW is the time to show her how reach our goals and achieve OUR dreams.  God is right here helping us through every moment.  If we don't do something NOW when they won't remember the struggles we are going to be living this same way in 10 years when she will remember everything!

So here it is ... Make It Happen Monday

Personal Goals:
~ Pray, Pray, Pray -- We are not in the stablest of situations when it comes to his employment.  So if you want to lift him up to God and for God's will to happen ... if that means bringing in the sales and credit card numbers ... if that means making a move to a non-sales position that pays better and covers or expenses ... whatever it is that God makes it clear to us.
~ 3 love notes

~ Playdates, get on scheduling one!
~ Play outside 3 times this week, and go for 2 walks -- hopefully the weather turns around for us this week.

~ Help get some money coming into this house -- if that means babysitting, or getting a part-time job, or selling articles and preschool resources, God make it clear what I should do.
~ Stick to meal plan -- no eating out Monday through Friday
~ Get laundry washed and away (most of which is done, but there is a load that still needs to be done)
~ Oh Mama wants to PURGE! so I am going to purge a closet.
~ Listen to the Bible Online at least 15 minutes a day Tuesday through Friday

~ Exercise 4 x this week, run 4 miles.
~ Up at 6:30am for morning Quiet Time

Professional Goals:
~ Pose a daily question on Facebook and Twitter
~ Comment and Pin from other blogs (usually onto Blogs You'll Love)
~ Link up with 3 hops and follow 3 new amazing blogs from each.
~ Preschool Apple Activities and Halloween Activities Drafted
~ Preschool Apple Resources cut out, prepped and ready.
~ Plan for order of Preschool Apple Activities
~ Start Frumps to Pumps Challenge
~ Finish Sacred Vows for next week's review.
~ Update Planner Pages to make them PRINTABLE!
~ Add Pot Luck Planner Page

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