Tuesday, September 4, 2012

{Toddler Tuesday} Preschool Plan

Last night I took a look at all of our activities and planed out what we are going to do all month.  I figured I would share it with you here.  Seeing that kids thrive on a schedule I also have come up with our schedule.  My hope is that we are going to be able to stick to it.

Our morning routine is from 7 to 10.
We like to ease into our mornings if at all possible.  This is when I do a quick clean of the kitchen after breakfast and start any laundry.  I do some minor computer stuff and set up for preschool.

Preschool starts at 10 and goes until 11:30.
We will be doing 2 learning activities and art or a game.

11:30 til 12:30 is clean up and lunch.  Followed by story time.

Quiet time and naps start at 1pm and go until 3pm.

3pm to 4 is play time, I might make some file folder games or some desk play games for this time of the day.

4 to 5 is clean up and making dinner.

Onto our Preschool Plan-

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