Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Feeding Friend

Recently, I was asked to review a grow-with-me nursing pillow from My Feeding Friends.  With my PCOS nursing was hard for me with Little Miss, so we never tried with Little Mister.  I agreed to review this nursing pillow because Little Mister needs to be in a nursing position to fall asleep.

I also thought that it would be great seeing that it is designed to be a grow-with-me product.  Little Mister is going to be weened off the nighttime bottle here before long.  So if we get him associating the pillow with bedtime and relaxing it might make it easier for him.

The day that it arrived I had 2 very happy kids.


My Feeding Friend does not have button eyes!  Why can't more companies realize that embroidered eyes are so much better for kids?  Our tiger is super soft and cuddly.  As a stuffed animal -- 5 stars, A+.

As a breastfeeding support pillow.  Thinking back to reasons we used our other nursing pillow.  I am not sure My Feeding Friend would have worked as well.  We used it to support Little Mister as he was strengthening his core muscles to sit.  The other was nice and round to fit around him.  My Feeding Friend is more straight.  We also used the other for tummy time to keep him up a little.  The other was firmer and I feel offered more support.  As a tummy time aid -- 3 1/2 stars, C+.

Now for bedtime.  I used both this week to see the differences.  My Feeding Friend is much longer than the other support pillow.  The ends are thicker seeing that they are the head and feet of the tiger.  The other the ends are the thinnest.  The My Feeding Friend was much better.  It gave Little Mister the support that his head needed.  The other gave my elbow some support, but nothing really for him.  As a breast feeding support pillow -- 4 1/2 stars, A.  (The lose of a half star was because it was a little long.)

Seeing that my kiddos are a little older, they are more into the stuffed animal, cuddle stage of the pillow at this point.  I would say they love it.  Little Miss wants to steal it and Little Mister is happy to keep the box.

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