Tuesday, September 25, 2012

{Toddler Tuesday} Conversations

Oh boy are we dealing with an attitude from our Little Miss.  So instead of focusing on her bad attitude we are going to share the funny things she says these days. 

I missed this one, so I am sharing what Hubs shared with me. 

Miss is sitting on the couch watching some TV.
Mister is trying to get to her.
"A, I am not a toy!"

Daddy: "K, who is your favorite princess?"
Miss: "Her" pointing to me
Daddy:  "Mommy is your favorite princess?"
Miss: "Yeah!"

Playing in the bathroom in a sinkful of bubbles (boredom buster and clean up from painting)

Miss: "I am making breakfast"
Me: "What are you making for breakfast?"
Miss: "Bubbles"
Me: "Bubbles? What do bubbles taste like?"
Miss:  "Chicken Nuggets."
Me: "Oh, when will breakfast be done?"
Miss:  "Suppertime."

On a walk:
Miss: "Mama look at that neck!" (stick)
Me: "Wow, that is a big stick."
Miss: Picks up the stick, "ARRRGH!"
Me:  "Are you a pirate?"
Miss: "ARRGH!"  Then hands me a twig, "Mama, here is your sword.  ARRGH!"

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