Wednesday, September 26, 2012

{almost} Wordless Wednesday ~ Happy Fall

Everytime we go to Target.  "Mama, go pick pumpkins?"  I don't think she is going to be able to hold off until when we go to the pumpkin farm.  We have it planned to go in 4 weeks!

Our Saturdays are booked between now and then and we don't really do much on Sundays - it is football season.  You know.  And I am purposefully staying away from sharing all the crazy pics on Facebook about Monday Night's game.  Maybe next time we are at Target Iwill pick up the "Ruffaree" costume for our dog.  I think he would have done a better job!  I digress.

So on the 20th we are going to Shaw's Pumpkin Farm in Milford.  This farm is perfect for little ones.  {I think I might even see about making a playdate with Mommies for a week time visit}  They have all these great wooden play structures.  They make cute characters out of the pumpkins.  They have a corn maze (which we didn't do last year).  They have animals, but you cannot pet them.  That is only down side for us.  Little Miss wanted to pet the farm animals. 

How things change in just a year. 

1.  Look how little she was!  At the time of this picture she was 22 months old. 
2.  That jacket has been put to rest thank to a certain terrior. 

3.  How did my non-pregancy shirts still fit 8 months pregnant?  I was not that small.

Happy Fall!

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