Wednesday, September 26, 2012

{Woman's World Wednesday} Facebook Funnies

Photo: Can you relate? 

When the college ex shows up on the "People You May Know" resist the urge.

Or this a conversation like this might come your way ... 

Roommate the year I was dating him:
So I was Facebook stalking SUD last night.  {That is never a good way to start out a conversation}
1.  Was he always that weird?
2.  Why does it say intersted in Men when he is married to a woman and has 2 kids?
3.  Why do I strangly want to send him a friend request?

My response:
Why would you spend your time Facebook stalking him?  The way that you identifed him sounds like an sexually transmitted diesease and that is hilarious.  
1. Yes he was always that wierd.  Remember he played D&D
2. Interested in men is probably a gaming thing but you never know with him.
3.  You need to see a shrink and talk about your crazy thoughts.  I love you so step away from the submit request button. 
She had to put up with him longer than I did.  They had classes together!

Now dear roommate who might read this.  I do love you and I am sorry that I may have outted you for the world to see.  You are an amazing friend, woman, mommy and wife.  I know we have not seen each other since college and that is sad.  We do need to chat soon. 

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