Sunday, October 14, 2012

K is for Kids

I know that this is the All About Me Challenge - but these two are such a part of me that I am not me without them.

First there is my favorite Little Miss.

All my pre-married life I had said that I wanted to wait about 2 years after getting married to have kids.  Now, I didn't know I would be dating the same guy for SO LONG before we got married, but anyway...

We had been "trying" - okay, not really preventing, but not having tons of relations either.  You have to be having a cycle to get pregnant.  It's kinda just required.  Well we find out that I have PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome) and we are going to need to some "help" getting pregnant.

That "help" consisted of a string of drugs and a bunch of uncomfortable tests.  The drugs turned my hormones into all sorts of crazy.  I was sick and moody and not ready to go through this.  So I asked a few friends to pray for us.  I was praying that I could just have a baby normally like all my other friends.  One of our friends would tell us they were expecting and I would put on a game face that I was happy for them.  The truth was I was hurting, I was jealous.  I wanted what seemed so easy for them.

We decided that we would stop treatment after one cycle and really try starting in June.  Better birthday options.  Well God had different plans.

For about a week I was just feeling off.  I would eat and I would get sick - I never puked, but I wanted to.  Then one morning I was eating breakfast and I just hurled.  Hubs asked what was wrong.  I told him I hadn't been feeling well and I was probably just getting sick.  He asked me if I was pregnant.  I said no, I can't be.  So I prayed - "Lord if I am not pregnant please just take these symptoms away.  I cannot take another test and be disappointed again.  I just can't do it."  It just got worse so I took the test.

I couldn't believe what I saw.  I wake Hubs and say .. "Does this say what I think it says?!?"  Shoving the stick right in his face while he was laying in bed.  Real classy I know.

So I make my appointment, get my first ultrasound - to make sure the baby is in the right places and get the official due date.  December 24, 2009.  What? I start to cry.  Everyone starts reassuring me that with your first you rarely come on your due date and it really is a 2 week before or after date.  None of which was making me feel any better.

Guess people thought that it was a whole Christmas birthday concern.  The fact of the matter is that I didn't want my baby to have to share a birthday with a family member.  December 24 is my brother's birthday.  The 23rd is our nephew's.  The 30th is my father-in-law.  I wanted my baby to have "their" own day.

Well she did.  I was sick for 9 months.  My blood pressure was starting to get really out of whack.  I was induced a week early.  She would not get in position and I had to have an emergency c-section. 

I can't believe that day was almost 3 years ago.  She is worth the being up for 24 hours and not eating for 48. Yeah, that was a long few days.

She has made my life more complete than I could ever imagine.

Then comes my favorite Little Man.

I vividly remember getting ready for my birthday talking with God.  "So, I haven't been feeling well, and I am late - which we all know is not something new for me.  If I'm not pregnant could you give me some sort of sign, like MIL giving me a gift that I really want without having been told."  That night I got something that I had been wanting that I didn't tell anyone.  I thought that was a sign from God.

Not even a week later we are eating breakfast.  We finish and I get that - OH MY I AM GOING TO BE SICK! feeling.  I know this feeling.  I am going to run to the store.  At the time our financial stuff was starting.  This might not be good news.

I take the test and it is obvious that it is positive.  Oh boy, now what.  I head downstairs and head over to Hubs.  This was our conversation.  "Hun are you okay?"  "Yeah, I guess."  "Babe, really are you okay?" "Yeah, I just have to tell you something and I am not sure if it will be good news or bad news."  "Okay, what is it?"  I hand him the test.  The look on his face was telling - this was good news.

I go to the doctor and get a much better due date, November 16.  My doctor suggested that we schedule a c-section because of Little Miss needing to be delivered that way.  It was scheduled for November 9th.

This pregnancy was different than Little Miss.  I was not as sick, but I was just off.  Everything got just a little wonky.  I was really off my game for everything.  Thank God Little Miss won't remember her 2nd birthday.  I ended up throwing it together in a couple days.

The most intersting part of this pregnancy was actually after he was born.  I had to share a room - again - while I was in the hospital.  This time my roommate was a 16 year old girl.  Her grandmother was there with her the whole time.  They were the rudest people.  Oh my goodness!  She got upitty that I was not wearing socks (which I couldn't because my feet were still swollen).  She sat there and watched judge TV all day, nice and loud.  It was horrible to say the least.  So when Little Mister would wake up at 3, I wouldn't be too worried that he was waking her up.

Thank God I healed enough to go home so, so quickly!  My roomie was scheduled to go home (because of the natural birth) Friday.  My doctor walked in and said, "Do you want to go home?" I looked at her and said, "You're kidding."  "Nope, you are moving around fine.  You have (done all the bodily stuff).  You can go home."  Hubs wasn't there at the time, he at home getting Little Miss and Auntie to come up for a visit.  I asked him to come by himself because we were getting discharged.

I was so excited to be going home.  Oh and when I left she still had not been discharged (it was almost 4pm). 

I thought my life was complete before.  I had "everything" I wanted (the stuff that really matters).  Then this little guy enters our world.  He makes brings a smile to my face daily.  Yes we have had our struggles, but I am his Mama and I wouldn't change that for the world. 

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  1. So great! Yuck to sharing a room. I've never had to do that thank goodness. Isn't it the best? I understand the 'wanting' when it seems to be happening for everyone else. I went to a friends baby shower 1 week after my first miscarriage. Hardest thing I've ever done. Cried the entire way home. Almost couldn't drive. It's hard when you want something so badly! So happy this was a success story.


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