Sunday, November 18, 2012

L is for Love

I picked Love for this installment of All About Me A to Z.

Love is who I am. My favorite shape is a heart.  I love the color pink.  I love fairly tails and romantic comedies.  I read love stories.  Love is who I am.

My views on love have changed over the years.  I used to be one of those who felt "Love" is such a strong word and it is thrown around so much!  It's true, love is a strong word.  It has to be.  If it wasn't Love wouldn't be the powerful force it is.  But love cannot be "thrown around too much".  Also, you can love differently.  Loving your husband is a different love than loving your children.  Loving your children is a different love than loving your siblings.  Loving your in-laws is different in a whole different way!

Then there are all those other things that we "love"

Indoor plumbing.  Does this need more explanation?
Neighbors who will dress up like Santa to get this wonderful picture when you daughter is only 3 days old!
I love my washer and dryer.  I hate going to the laundromat and love that I can wash clothes when I need to, not when I have an entire day to waste.
Yoga, I do love me some yoga.  But this is also exercise.  I feel so much better when I exercise.  Sure I have been away from it along time and getting back into the shape I want will take time, but ahh... love the feeling of a good sweat from a great workout. 
Does this really need to be explained?  Let's just say ... a birthday gift and Christmas present for $2.64.  I love sales and coupons. 
Oh Christmas baking how I love thee.  It is just not acceptable to put peppermint in chocolate anytime of the year.  This is more than just Christmas baking.  I love to bake in general. 
This might be the growing up in Wisconsin part of me, but I love the snow.  However, I conditionally love the snow.  When it is clean, not stepped in, freshly falling, and not hindering my getting from point a to point b.  I love the snow.  The snow earns some brownie points when it is falling while I am doing my Christmas shopping.  Again, this is conditional.  It must be the light, fluffy, fluttery type of snow. 
Yes, I love this.  This is what you call a "Pork Chop"
Oh the party planning.  I love party planning.  Working the theme into everything!  This was from Little Miss's first birthday.  Little Mister's was less elaborate, but still completely in theme! 

Products like this that make my busy life just a little easier
Although not a great picture, coffee - oh how I love you.  The warmth going straight down to my belly.  I don't love coffee sweats, but oh the love that I feel when I am drinking you.  Coffee also is the love of going out for coffee.  The togetherness of friends and time well spent.  -- and now I want a cup of coffee.

These are just a few of my loves.  Of course this does not include the love of my family or friends.  As a Christian the greatest commandment is to love.  Love, Love, Love.  Yep - the best L word to describe me.

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