Tuesday, November 20, 2012

{Review} Christmas at Holly Hill by Martha Rogers

Tell Me About it Tuesday is here again with another book review.  Today, Christmas at Holly Hill by Martha Rogers. 

Let me tell you about the book a little first.  Christmas at Holly Hill is set right before the turn of the twentieth century in a small town in Kansas.  Everyone knows everyone.  Everyone knows everyone's business.  Was Clay Barlow strong enough to prove to his hometown he had changed?  Would he ever be able to regain his father's trust?  Let alone the rest of the town.

Clay comes home after 5 years in prison.  He runs into an old friend.  She is now the schoolteacher and feelings from his past bubble up.  He is worried that his past will effect her and tries to keep his distance.  Merry wants to at least be friends with Clay, but it seems like he just keeps pushing her away.

The story starts in October and ends on Christmas.  As the town prepares for Christmas trouble starts brewing.  There is a fire that leaves a little boy orphaned.  A new family is in town and things aren't what they seem to be on the surface.  The gang that got Clay in trouble before starts showing up again.  Will Clay get pulled back into it all? 

Before I started reviewing for Charisma House I had not read historical fiction.  This is my second one and I think I am hooked.  Martha Rogers develops the characters so completely.  The faith of each character is so prevalent and it is refreshing.  The story is page turning, gripping, and heart felt.

This is a great read, especially at this time of the year.  Get yourself a blanket, cup of coffee or hot chocolate, grab this book and enjoy.

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