Tuesday, November 20, 2012

{Toddler Tuesday} Double Standard

As parents we have a slight double standard.  It's never, ever okay for our children to lie to us.  Even now I find myself saying to Little Miss, "It's okay to tell me you are tired when I ask you.  That does not mean you have to go up for a nap."  I also find myself asking, "Are you being honest?" 

But when it comes to parents we may stretch the truth some.  "Mama do you have your iPod?"  "Yes, but it's not working right now."  It's true - it's not working because I don't have it hooked up.  The real truth, I don't want to listen to the Wiggles and I don't want to listen to you cry because you are not getting your way. 

We have been at a point where Little Miss would just not listen to us.  She would do something bad and say, "I'm good for Santa!"  Time outs weren't working.  Putting her in her room wasn't working.  Telling her Jesus wants her to be a good girl and listen to her Mommy and Daddy was going in one ear and out the other.  We caved. 

I found a Christmas Card that was left over from last year or the year before that had Santa on the front.  We wrote a note to her from Santa and had it show up in the mail. 

Santa reminded Little Miss of things she needed to do to stay on the nice list.  He reminded her that if she ended up on the naughty list she would not be getting a tennis racket {Her OBSESSION}. 

It's working for now.  We keep the card where she can see Santa's face and it reminds her.  Of course it does take some reminding, but it is much better.  Little Mister is not getting pushed down and Little Miss is listening.  Which means Mama is not yelling as much either. 

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