Monday, January 14, 2013

{Make It Happen Monday} Week 2 Update

How did you do on your goals this week?  Are you staying on track to reach your big goals?  I want to print my big goals out and keep them in my planner.  That way I can look at them in a moments notice.  

Here were my goals from last week:

- watch a movie with Hubs before Friday.
- make a meal that Hubs wants.
It was really starting to seem that Hubs and I were each doing our own thing.  Like right now, instead of doing something together he is playing the Wii and I am writing.  So we really needed to connect.  The same night that I made something he wanted we Redboxed the new Ice Age movie.  It was a good movie.  

- living situation has me cooking for more people than before, but that is okay I guess.  Continue to eat at home the rest of the week. (We have already eaten at home Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  We went out for lunch on Tuesday, but we had a gift card to where we were going and spent NO MONEY)
We at dinner at home every night this week.  We even had the option to go out to eat on Thursday, but choose to stay home and try to get back to a normal life.

- help Little Mister adjust to our new living situation, love on him instead of get annoyed with him.
Little Mister is doing much better when he is spending time with just Daddy.  When Mommy is around he is crying and wants to be held just to squirm out of my arms.  Not sure what is going on there.  

- take time to read for me
Making sure to take time for me to read has helped with my stress level.  I am even reading a pretty heavy book, but it's working.  I am reading "Case for Christ".  It makes me sleepy when I read it so I think it is going to have to be my out of bed reading book if I am ever going to get it read.

- post the Online Bible Journey on Sunday and keep up with reading plan.  
- Read 3 more chapters in Isaiah.
I am excited about the Online Bible Journey I am leading here on the site.  Sunday's post is ready to go and scheduled.  

- 2 messages to 2 different friends on Facebook or Text.
- Return phone calls and texts from last week when phone is working.
Each week I have found that I am wanting to start the conversation with friends, but it falls aside.  I have also found that I am not the best at responding when things come through.  That is more important than being the one to initiate, responding to the initiation.  Goal for next week.

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