Wednesday, January 9, 2013

{Make it Happen Monday} Week One Update

I know it's not Monday - I have yet to update my goals from last week.  To be honest, I haven't even made any for this week.  

I could say that it is because I am letting life get to me, but that is not exactly it.  One, we moved this past weekend, so I am trying to get us all settled into our temporary home.  Two, this adjustment is causing a lot of behavioral challenges with my youngest.  

This is getting written on Wednesday because, I have us as settled as I can right now and I have two napping children.  Hallelujah! 

Here were the goals from last week:  (I was taking it light knowing what was happening that week)

- Sign us up for the Alpha class at church.  This gets to be crossed off even though I have not registered us for it yet.  1. I went to do it and the first class doesn't start until March.  We need to know what work schedules are going to look like before we sign up.  So although the exact goal was not met it was because we need more information at this time.  I consider it a success. 
- 3 Facebook Posts  A thank you, a prayer and a shared picture directly to him.  Woot!  

- Get us moved and settled without too much commotion and up-heaval. The too much commotion and up-heaval is still questionable, but we are mostly settled.

- Enforce wake up time and naptimes better. {Post-poned until we have some more answers.  I think they are needing their schedules back, but things are difficult right now.}

- rest as much as possible and heal. The as much as possible was little, but I did.  

- 2 Chapters in Becoming a Woman of Freedom Bible Study - changed, starting an Online Bible Journey here on the blog.  This particular study might come back this year.  Check out what we are doing here.

- 2 Facebook Messages/Wall Posts - I am going to say no, only because I can't remember.  Since I can't remember I am thinking I probably didn't.  

Looking at the goals I had set for and the week we had I think I did pretty good over all.  One thing that I didn't have a goal, but is really the over-arching goal of this year is to just lean into God more this year than ever before.  Really surrender, really learn who God is, really give my life to my savior.  I found myself praying much more and not just for us, but for friends.  Praying more that His will is done and when when I think we are trying to force something to happen that is my clue that I am not leaning.  I step back and pray.  

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