Wednesday, January 9, 2013

{Make it Monday} Week Two

Let me just put this out there - as if you don't already know this - MOVING SUCKS

- watch a movie with Hubs before Friday.
- make a meal that Hubs wants.

- living situation has me cooking for more people than before, but that is okay I guess.  Continue to eat at home the rest of the week. (We have already eaten at home Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  We went out for lunch on Tuesday, but we had a gift card to where we were going and spent NO MONEY)

- help Little Mister adjust to our new living situation, love on him instead of get annoyed with him.

- take time to read for me

- post the Online Bible Journey on Sunday and keep up with reading plan.  
- Read 3 more chapters in Isaiah.

- 2 messages to 2 different friends on Facebook or Text.
- Return phone calls and texts from last week when phone is working.

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