Monday, February 4, 2013

{Make It Happen Monday} Week 5 Update

So how did we do this week with posting the goals late in the week?  

Week 5: 

- 3 to 5 chapters in Isaiah
- Post the Online Bible Journey on Sunday (Psalm 136) - posting today.
- Listen to 2 teachings from Joyce Meyer on DVD

Having access to only one computer that we can get online with is really effecting writing, blogging and posting.  Adjusted goal for next week.  Work out a plan for this.

- 3 Notes to Hubs about real reason why I love him, things I am excited about with our future and things that build him up during this stressful time.
- Make up and hair just for him - not because I am going somewhere (the only time I have been looking presentable lately.)

Fail and Fail.  Our living situation is really just effecting a lot in our lives.  We need to accept what is going on and roll with it.  Not let it control us.  We are not living very intentionally right now.  This is not acceptable.

- Make sure that there is an easy meal Friday night when Hubs has to cook.
- Get laundry folded and put away.  (It's already clean for this week.)

- Be consistent with Little Miss when it comes to her sass and the consequences.
- Try and figure out what is going on with Little Mister.  Approach with love, not annoyance - no matter how tired I am or what time of the night/morning it is. 

Little Mister has just been not feeling well this past week making things worse than usual.  He wasn't eating well and not sleeping well.  He is now feeling better and in turn acting a little better. 

- Try to fit in a coffee date with a girlfriend.

Fail. I have not been a great friend.  In fact we learned about friendships in church yesterday and this is also somewhere where I just need to be more intentional.

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  1. Not true. You are a good friend. We all have difficult seasons in life. I have learned it's the friends that are here no matter what that are keepers! Just now some faces popped in your head...those are your forever friends.


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