Monday, February 4, 2013

{Make it Happen Monday} Week 6

It is time to get a real grip on things.  Our living situation has really been controlling us for the last 4 weeks.  It is time for The Hickman Five to take control and stop letting our circumstances control us.

- 3 chapters in Isaiah (it seems like I am posting this same goal every week, but that just might be the longest book in the Bible!  I am about half way through it.)
- Read Nehemiah.  Our new series is going to be working through this book and I am excited.  
- Morning quiet time 3 times this week.
- Online Bible Journey posted on Sunday.

- Special quiet time with Little Miss during nap time to get the most work done possible.
- Enforce our schedule to ensure productivity.

- Meal plan to eat at home all week.
- Keep bedroom cleaned up now that everything is put away.
- Make kids clean up before bed, they have gotten out of that habit.

- 3 notes/FB posts real reason I love him and am thankful for him.
- Make-up and hair one non-work day.

- 3 nights of reading prior to bed for relaxation. (This can be from the Bible, not books.)
- If weather permits walk the dogs twice this week.

- Email at least one friend who reached out during this season of our lives.

- 30 calls 4 days this week.
- Finish one section of the upcoming eBook.
- New content 4 days this week.
- Market articles at least twice this week.
- Concentrate on traffic twice this week.

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