Tuesday, February 12, 2013

{Make it Happen Monday} Week 7

Hey friends!  It is that time again, Make it Happen Monday.  A day late, but I have news ... I have been able to connect to the wireless here and now I will be able to get so much more done!  I am stoked.  

We have made some decisions about our living situation and we are getting back into our old swing of things.  Praises to the Lord that things are turning around. 

- Post last week's Online Bible Journey by Wednesday.
- Read 52 Days devotionals as they come each day.
- How much in Isaiah can I read?

- Determine the schedule we are going to use with the kids.
- Plan playdate for Little Miss with her besties.
- Make the kids clean up their toys before bed. 

- Meal Plan for the month.  A month works so much better than a week at time for us.  One week at a time is just too much work for this Mama.
- Keep cleaning up the levels we live in. { Already dusted the entertainment center and reorganized. }
- Clean the kitchen - see about way to restack/organize to make some room in the pantry and a cabinet.

- Love notes - 3
- Get as much daytime fun as possible since Hubs starts working out of the house in 2 weeks.
- Get completely dressed (yes I have been living in sweats and yoga pants on non-work days) 2 times this week. 

- Bed by 10:30 non-work nights.
- Finish Crazy Love 
- Yoga 2 times this week

- Email one/two friends that have reached out during this season.

- I am just going to forget about calls for the next few weeks.  Reception is a problem with our cells right now.
- Finish the next section of the e-book.  
- Make some changes to e-book since missing out on some holidays.
- New content 4 days this week.
- Focus on Marketing and Traffic for articles.
- Write and publish 3 new articles this week.

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