Tuesday, February 12, 2013

{Make it Happen Monday} Week 6 Update

It was a rough week and I am not even really sure why.  I am thinking that part of it is that I am letting Hubs be on the computer as much as possible since he was looking for a job.  He has found one. { Praises to the Lord! }  Hopefully we will be able to work things out better so that I can be on the computer more.  Also if we can get the wireless working on my netbook things would be SO, SO much easier.  

- 3 chapters in Isaiah (it seems like I am posting this same goal every week, but that just might be the longest book in the Bible!  I am about half way through it.)
- Read Nehemiah.  Our new series is going to be working through this book and I am excited.  { After the introduction service on Sunday, this series is going to be just what I need to build a strong, spiritual house after this rough season in our lives. }
- Morning quiet time 3 times this week. { Anemia is really kicking my butt.  Since the miscarriage I have been anemic and the fatigue is getting to me. }
- Online Bible Journey posted on Sunday.  { Partly because of the computer issues, partly because of the issues of kids this week. } 

- Special quiet time with Little Miss during nap time to get the most work done possible. { The kids have been sleeping in and only taking one nap, so there has been no morning quiet time this week.  We did go to the storage unit to get some new toys to help cure some of the boredom issues we have been having. }
- Enforce our schedule to ensure productivity. { Big fat fail - mama has been tired. }

- Meal plan to eat at home all week. { Although we had a plan nights I worked eating at home didn't happen.  I guess this is a good thing since grocery shopping also didn't happen to the fullest extent that it needed too. Praise the Lord for jobs that we will be able to start getting our own groceries again soon.}
- Keep bedroom cleaned up now that everything is put away.  { Living in a small space makes this very easy - Now that the laundry is all put away it is not such a momentous task to keep it all put away. } 
- Make kids clean up before bed, they have gotten out of that habit. { We were able to get this done one night. Now that we have more toys here it will have to happen more.  Even nights mama has to work. }

- 3 notes/FB posts real reason I love him and am thankful for him.
Make-up and hair one non-work day. { No excuses, just a fail. }

- 3 nights of reading prior to bed for relaxation. (This can be from the Bible, not books.) { It was mostly from the Bible, but it was nice to get some non-screen time. }
- If weather permits walk the dogs twice this week. { Weather permitted, but there was no way this was happening.  One of my over ambitious goals. }

- Email at least one friend who reached out during this season of our lives. { Every time I thought about this I could not get on the computer. }

Career: { Big fail on most of the work goals this week.  Need to take time on the weekend to make a plan to get things accomplished.  Also adjusting to working a couple nights a week. }
- 30 calls 4 days this week. 
- Finish one section of the upcoming eBook.
- New content 4 days this week. { Thanks to taking one day to schedule all the posts. }
- Market articles at least twice this week. 
- Concentrate on traffic twice this week.

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