Tuesday, March 5, 2013

{Tell Me About It Tuesday} Birthday Must Have

This is a different {Tell Me About It Tuesday}.  I usually pose a question or post a review.  I am not reviewing anything per say.

With our living situation I really think God is trying to make me realize that I can be much more flexible than I thought I could.  Things don't have to be just so.  But then again there are certain things that you just don't mess with.  One of those things is the time that it takes to make a proper cake and the tools that you need to do it.

Leaving out all the not so flattering details areas where God would like to work on me/us {things like errands that ruined the night, shopping that got put off, timing that fell apart, seriously this post could take a major nose dive} I will just get to the cake process.

When you are making a cake {not just any cake, but the cake that I must have for my birthday every year - Strawberry Laced French Vanilla} you need to take the proper time to get it done correctly.  The cake itself should be made the evening before it is frosted.  Why you ask?  So it can cool COMPLETELY before you frost it.

You also really need to have the right pans.

All of my baking supplies are in storage.  I did have access to this ...


Now although I love this pan and do have one of my own.  This is not what you need to make a Strawberry Laced Vanilla Cake.  I figured I could just use the bottom to make the cake and it would be somewhat level.  I could just cut some layers and go from there.  The concept seemed to be okay.  I didn't have a level cake cutter, but I did have a large knife.  See I am flexible.  

I get the cake made and throw it in the freezer to cool it faster.  I make the frosting with an antique hand mixer {seriously, this thing is old!  It works fine though.}  I pull the cake out and cut the layers.  It's still steaming in the middle.  I put it back in the freezer cut to cool some more.  I start frosting it and the layers start sliding.  I finally get it frosted "good enough" and throw it back in the freezer hoping to keep it together until it is time to eat.

Another thing about not taking the proper time to get the job done.  The result is not the same.  The cake was okay at best.  

So we ate ... then we ... danced.  I love Just Dance.  I have played all 4 games now.

I have great fun with all of them.  My nephew got 3 and 4 for Christmas.  I think 4 might be my new favorite for this reason alone.  

Yeah that's right, the Avatar for Rick Astley is a dancing superhero with suspenders.  I was laughing so hard I could barely dance!

Tell Me About It! - What is your one must have on your birthday?  Rick Astley on You Tube?  ME TOO!

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