Monday, April 22, 2013

Make It Happen Monday - Week 16 goals and updates

This is the second week that I am posting goals and updates as the same.  I think I will be going back to my old format.  Updates in their own post and this week's goals in their own post.  I think I am more accountable to myself if I do it that way.

But here it is:  The plan for week 16 was ...

  • Pin God 1st (Challenge posted over at Cravings - Desiring God in the Midst of Motherhood)
    We were doing really good until the weekend hit. We are a few days behind now, but we will get caught up and keep going.  It has been important for both Hubs and I.  Little Miss has even asked me, "Mommy can you read out of your bible."  I love it!
  • List of blessings I would like.
    Yes, God knows our desires and our wants.  I just needed to get it off my mind of all the things that I think I want right now.  After I made my list I added ... "God your plans are always better than my plans.  Your blessings are bigger than I can imagine.  I am willing to wait for your timing because I know that it will be better than I can imagine, but some of these I need faster than others. 
  • Set a date for our small group to start. 
    I am super pumped that my friends Erin, Missy and I are starting a small group this Friday.  The kids are going to get to play while we study the bible.  I can't wait!
  • Get up for quiet time 3 times this week. {Fail}
  • Playdate {Fail}
  • Preschool 3x this week.
    This is something that Little Miss is really starting to enjoy.   She has even starting asking for it.  Posts will be coming about our preschooling adventures.  
Domestic Diva
  • Laundry
    Well ... it's all clean - all except 2 baskets are folded ... and none is put away.  I swear laundry is the never ending chore.  I think I need to pick up the praying while I fold it makes it almost easier to get it all done.
  • Meal Plan {Fail}
    While we were grocery shopping the other day we were talking about how or lives are easier and shopping is smoother when we have a better plan.  Must start this up again.
  • Send a card to a mom to encourage her. {Fail}
  • Update Birthdays on Calendar. 
    I used Facebook to update the birthdays of friends and family that I want to start sending birthday wishes too.  The written card, note, letter is becoming a lost art - it makes people feel so good to get real mail.  This is something I want to be better at.
  • More water than pop {fail}
    I have way to easy access to pop and I fail at this often.
  • Bed by 10pm if not working, 11 on work nights. {fail}
    I did; however, turn the computer off at 10pm every night.  That SO helped me sleep better.  I also read before I went to bed most nights.  Also, very helpful.
Career Goals:
  • Follow up with all cards/contacts from last week
    We finished them up today.  We have had some success with the approaches we are taking.  We thank God for it all!
  • Attend all training seminars this week.  {Fail - work and family dinners get in the way, we need to get a better plan for this.}
  • Watch emailed trainings {Fail}
    We have watched them all before, we just wanted to brush up on some things.  We were pretty busy last week with appointments that we couldn't fit this in.
  • Resize Demo screen shots for tablet.
    Started this project.  A little more involved than I thought it would be.
  • Determine what pictures are uploaded that still need posts.
    Made the list and Post Development Pages for each of them.
  • Get daily 'tasks' done 3 times this week. {Fail}
  • Business card review.
    This is in progress.  Found some contacts and hope to get this done this week.

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