Monday, April 15, 2013

Maket it Happen Monday Week 14 Updated

I was doing great about keeping track of my goals and blogging about it.  Then March happened and I feel off the track.  Now, we are doing whatever it takes and we are going to keep our butts in the chair and make this thing happen.  God willing of course.


  • Pin God First Challenge  (Daily) {Part of the challenge is to really think about what jumps out at you - reading it, then reading it aloud, then writing it down.  The writing it down part does not fit into my routine right now.  We are reading this together as a family before we get started each day.  And that is a big thing for us.}
  • Start each day with our expectations and invite God into them. {Although we have been having expectations, we aren't verbalizing them.  We need to verbalize them.  There is life and death in the spoken word}
  • Real Reasons 3 times this week on Facebook or Twitter.  {Fail}
  • Dress for Hubby/Family 3 times this week - including makeup {Fail}
  • Late week playtime schedule by Wednesday.  {We didn't plan anything, but we went to the park Thursday, Friday and Saturday - Sheer Fabulousness}
Domestic Diva:
  • Meal Plan and Grocery Plan {yeah, I need to get on that}
  • Walk 3 times this week. {Fail}
  • Water goal 3 times this week. {Fail}
  • Finish eBook Reviews.  I am so far behind! {I have one done. :( }
  • Real plan to work Echo Daily. {Worked it out with Hubs}
  • Develop site for cake and party planning business. {Added cakes to the site, not own site yet.  Still planning on how to tackle the party planning side of things.}
  • Business cards and flyers for cake business. {not yet}
  • 10 face to face contacts for Echo Daily. {This is Hubs part, not mine - maybe in time I will be doing it too}
  • 50 phone calls for marketing.  {with combined efforts}

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