Monday, April 15, 2013

Make It Happen Monday Week 15 Goals and Updates

For some reason I just forgot to write last week's post.  This will be the goals and updates in one.  If I like writing it this way it might become the new way of doing things. 


  • Pin God First Challenge  (Daily)
    Score! We have done pretty well with keeping up on this.  We have fallen a day or two behind, but we got caught up.  This really is starting our day on the right foot.
  • Quiet Time (3x this week)
    Big fat fail.  I have found that I just need to quit giving into sleep and get up!  Things seem to be getting out of control and we need more God.  We need to invite God in more is probably the better way to put it.

  • Real Reasons 3 times this week on Facebook or Twitter.
    Big Fat Fail.  I was getting really good at doing this for him, then we had some issues with a girl from the past and I quit doing it.  Well, I need to start doing it again.
  • Dress for Hubby/Family 3 times this week - including makeup
    I planned to do it for the family three times.  I was able to twice.  Another reason why I just need to start getting up earlier.
  • Preschool 4x this week
    We only did preschool 2 times this week.  One of the days we did 3 activities though, so does that count?  
  • Outside playtime AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE
    We played outside 2 hours on Tuesday - bubbles and sidewalk paint
    We went to the park on Wednesday - it was the first picnic of the year
  • Playdate on Friday while Mama's at work
    They were able to go play with Devon on Friday.  It was talked about for 3 days leading up to the playdate.  Fun was had by all!
Domestic Diva:
  • Meal Plan and Grocery Plan
    Big Fat Fail.  
  • Laundry
    I had washed most of it, but it is still sitting in baskets to get folded and put away. 
  • Walk 3 times this week.
  • Water goal 3 times this week.
    Same goals as last week and I failed... again.
  • Follow up on the business cards that Hubs initially contacts.
    We didn't even really start deciding that I needed to help with this until Wednesday.  We have  A LOT to follow up with.  
  • Get another review done. 
    I still have until Tell Me About it Tuesday to get it done (and I am writing this on Friday night)
  • Edits to Yahoo! articles
  • Link and publish articles once Yahoo! articles are published
  • Draft any posts that are on Post Development Pages
  • Find a Business Card Review/Giveaway
    Still looking, found a few contacts.

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