Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Review: Changing Churches: A View from the Pew by Dottie Parish

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Whenever I start reviewing a book I like to let you know why I picked the book to review.  Most of the books that I review are from Christian Women Affiliates.  When I saw “Changing Churches: A View from the Pew” by Dottie Parish I glanced at the description and moved on.  For this main reason - I LOVE MY CHURCH and have no intention on leaving it anytime soon.  On a second look through I noticed Dottie is from Cincinnati, Ohio.  I live in Cincinnati, Ohio.  So, I signed up to review this book.  Crazy reason I know - but that’s the truth. 

The first part of the book I really enjoyed.  It is written like a memoir.  Parish tells her story, why she changed churches and what the pastors were like.  She tells you what the changes did to her relationship with her husband and with God.  She also tells you how these changes grew her faith. 

The second part is full of lessons and suggestions all things that Parish learned throughout her “Journey in Three Churches”.  Lessons like, “Building up the Church Where You Are” and giving yourself a “Christ-Like Makeover”.  These lesson are great for someone like me who knows what I believe.  I want to be more like Christ, I want to know God more.  I want to see God in this world.  I don’t want to be a “causal Christian”.  I still have questions, and some of them seem pretty darn basic.  Like how I am struggling with one word right now -- seek.  More about that another time.  I am 100% positive that one day all of my questions will be answered.

What about someone who doesn’t know what they believe, or has been hurt by the church, or doesn’t have a “home” church?  What about them?  How can this book help them?  Near the end of the book Parish discusses the different world religions and different types of churches.  In fact in that chapter my church is mentioned. 

So, another question I like to try and answer is … who is this book for?  Parish gives a list of who she is trying to talk to on the very first page of the introduction.  The one that sticks out to me, and is probably most encompassing is, “All of us, helping us understand what we need to do to build up the body, the church, the bride of Christ.”  I think if you are someone who is questioning the whole “faith-thing”.  This book is not for you, yet.  If you want more from your faith, then yes, by all means pick up a copy and study your way through it.

Where can you connect with Dottie Parish?

Faith Notes Blog
Tabers Truths
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  1. Because my brain is fried at this point this week I accidentally hit delete! I meant to hit publish. Here is a comment from the author, Dottie Parish.

    Thanks for the great review. I really appreciate it.

    I wrote my book for people who already are Christians and at least know the basic beliefs shared by all denominations. So many people are looked down on as church hoppers yet many move on for valid reasons.

    You said your church is mentioned in the book - so I'm curious about the name of your church. You can email me at dparish@cinci.rr.com or reply here about that - or not.

    To answer her question - (which I tweeted to her directly as well just in case she doesn't see this response) I go to Vineyard.


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