Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Review: No Shame! Only Power by Val Newton Knowles

Tell Me About it Tuesday is back!  Today I am hear to tell you all about “No Shame! Only Power” by Val Newton-Knowles. 

“No Shame! Only Power” reads like a conversation.  Come up to the table and pour yourself a cup of coffee.  Join the conversation.  Val Knowles is going to teach you how to embrace life and find your purpose.  While enjoying the journey.  Right off the bat Val Knowles reminds us that we were made to be a success and has a plan for it.  As long as we follow his plan we will succeed!

This conversation takes place in three parts.  The first part tells us the story of God’s plan.  The second part helps us find where we fit in the place of power and victory.  The final part helps give us a plan on how to achieve all that God wants for us.  I really like that Val is bold enough to lay her viewpoints out in black and white.  I am specifically talking about this one: “We are children of The King.  We are not supposed to be lacking in anything.  Yes, I dare to say that God even wants us to have money, and plenty of it.”  That is not a view point that you see anywhere.  It is refreshing. 

As someone who has a rather basic understand of the bible I found the first part of “No Shame! Only Power” to be a breathe of fresh air.  It retold the story from creation to resurrection, but it wasn’t your basic this is what happened, dry and ‘teachy‘.  I found it to read like Val Knowles was talking right to me.  It was almost like I could have asked my question right to her. 

The second section is all about the power and victory that comes from the Word.  In this section she gives us action steps to get more of this power and victory in our lives.  These actions steps are things like, get passionate about God’s Word.  As well as get someone in your life that knows the Lord more than you do.  (There are three others that you will have to find out for yourself.)

In the final section Val Knowles gives us even more concrete action steps to success.  She goes into details on the importance of the word, why God is the only source and the progression of our faith. 

The big question asked when reviewing a book is would you recommend this to a friend.   My answer is yes.  Like I mentioned earlier, “No Shame! Only Power” reads like a conversation.  The teachings, scripture and messages Val Knowles shares should be read by any believer.  Not only would I recommend this to a friend, I am recommending it as a bible study for my small group.  It does not have study questions with the chapters, but it is definitely a book that would be great for us to discuss.  

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