Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Prayerful Laundry

Joyful and thankful in all circumstances?  Even 8 loads of laundry needing to be washed, folded and put away?  Yes.  Here is a practical way to do it too!

If you are anything like me the first time you heard about 1 Thessalonians 5:17 "Never stop praying" you thought ... never really?    When you first heard this you were probably like me ... ummm, okay, but then when am I supposed to get anything done?  For me it was because I had this specific image of what prayer was.  Prayer was hand clasped, head down, eyes closed.  At the time I had no idea that prayer really was just speaking to God.

I have learned prayer can take so many forms.  This "never stop praying," again for me, usually comes in the form of breathe prayers.  A prayer that I can get out in the same amount of time it would take to take a breathe.  "Holy Spirit come" or "Jesus please bring your peace." or "Lord I need you."

One day while reading Mom Connection, I found a really practical way to add prayer to my day.  It took a task that was just a chore to precious time.  It was suggested that you pray over each person as you fold their clothes.  You are anointing their clothes as you pray for them.  Pray big things, pray little things, give thanks.  Take this time and talk to God about the people in your family.

So I tried it ... I figured what could it hurt.  I sat down with my 8 baskets, okay really just 4, and started folding.  I picked up my husbands socks and I prayed that God watch over his steps and help him stay on the path that God has planned for him.  I would pray over this kids as I folded their different items.  As I folded something that someone blessed us with, I prayed for the person who gave it to us.  I gave thanks for the people, their love, God's love and provision.  It became super special time for me.

The next time a friend complained about having to fold the laundry I shared with them what I had been doing.  One of them came back to me and said, "Well, I don't usually have quiet time to fold the laundry you know my kids."  (Prayer time might be a similar box that I had it in.)  My response was, "I don't really have quiet time to do it either.  It's great that our kids see us praying for the people we love.  They will learn that you can pray whenever you want to.  You can pray without ceasing!"

Sadly, I have gotten away from this some and I am starting to dread folding the mountain again.  Since God wants a relationship with us, and wants to be us with us always I am sure that He wouldn't mind that I am folding the laundry while I am spending time with Him.  I think I will continue these prayers into while I am putting the laundry away as well because let's be honest.  That is the worst part of the task.

How do you pray without ceasing?

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