Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tell Me About it Tuesday: Twisted Wolf by Perry Perrett

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What if the most upright person stumbles?  In the process of concealing a mistake, he is accused of treason and murder?  Oh and that person is the president of the United States?

It would be a book worth picking up right?

And it is … if.

If you enjoy a book that gives a lot of back story.  As the reader you know that Josh Davis is going to become the president of the United States.  You also know that he is an honored Army Lieutenant.  You get all that right from the back of the book.  Well the first 20 chapter of the book lead up to Josh making the decision to run for the presidency.

If you enjoy books that give you lots of minute details.  Such as the type of gun used in a battle.

If the visual flow of a book does not distract you from reading.  There are plenty of editing errors in this book.  For me, that completely takes away from being able to get lost in the story.  I need to be able to get lost in the story, not be reading along and get thrown off that a random line in the middle of a sentence is indented.

Twisted Wolf is probably not for you if you are into Chick Lit and "girly" books.

Yes, I had a hard time with this book.  I had a very hard time with the layout and it was hard to tell what was conversation and what was not.  This book was so hard for me that I couldn't even get into the story.  It would have been better for me with less details and got to the story faster.  Why did Josh stumble?  What happened for his pride to take over?  What did him running against his father-in-law do to his marriage?  What was the temptation?  How did his wife handle it all?  Why is he being accused of the murder of 6 Navy SEALS?  (You know all of this just from reading the back of the book.)  None of these are even answered in the first half of the book.  He is barely even the President by then.  I did like how you saw Josh's faith as part of his real life.  It wasn't something that he just called on here or there.  His faith is a big part of this story.

If you enjoy reading military or political fiction.  Or if you like - male oriented authors and stories.  You can pick up a copy of Twisted Wolf at Amazon.  Here is the link for you.

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