Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Table Play

This Toddler Tuesday post was started a few months ago, and never saw the light of day.  Mainly because I forgot about it.  It is relevant again, so I will write it and post it.

Hubs is working out of the house again.  Praise the Lord he found a job that fits his strengths well.  This means now that I have to entertain kids while making dinner.  Never an easy task.

Usually Little Miss is content to sit quietly and get some TV time.  I think they have been getting too much TV time and it’s not working the way it once did.  Therefore, the TV is going off again.

Little Mister is still putting a lot of things in his mouth, so I have to be careful with what I give them to play with.

I broke down and gave Little Miss some playdoh and made some salt dough for Little Mister.  If he ate it I knew he would be okay.

He had a great time squishing it.

Now to perfect some busy bags for them.  The one we tried yesterday was an epic fail.  These might take some working to get kinks out and find what works for them.

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