Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WAH Wednesday: Beautifully Challenging

Working at Home could possibly be one of the hardest things I ever decided to do.  I have talked about our schedule before.  I truly believe that children thrive with routine, schedules and order.  So why is it the hardest thing in the world for us to master?  Why does it seem like it is always in flux?

I feel like I am constantly adjusting our schedule.  I know what it was this past week.  We had a pretty major change to our little world.  Hubs started working outside of the house.  We made some decisions about our careers and need to set better boundaries on some things.  So although it seems like everything is chaotic could it just be adjusting to the ebb and flow of our lives?

This is what has happened this past few weeks:

Prior to Hubs starting to work outside of the house again when Little Mister was woke up by the herd at 6:15 he would just fall back asleep.  Now that Mommy and Daddy are also getting up at 6:30. It is okay for him to not fall back asleep (in his little mind).  Seeing that he is awake this also means that Little Miss will be up not much later.  An important time of my day is now gone.  My morning quiet time.

With these changes that has also brought about nap changes.  By 10:30 they are both needing a nap.  The problem with this.  Little Miss wants to sleep until 12 and Little Mister wants to sleep until 1 - 1:30.  Good that I get to get work done in the morning (when I can be super productive) horrible in the fact that they need another nap around 5 - causing MAJOR meltdowns while I am trying to cook dinner.

This early wake up time is a good thing because we have a lot going on this summer.  This early nap time is not a good thing.  So I have to make some adjustments.  I can move lunch up to 11:15 and put them down for nap around 12.  But the fighting from 10:30 to 11:15 will have to be combated.  Simple! We will move preschool time up to 9am from 11am.  This will coincide with the summer camp they are going to and other things we have going on.  This also is before the heat of the day so we can get outside playtime as well.  I can just adjust my working hours easily enough.

This is what happens to the Work at Home Mom.  Life changes happen and it throws off our whole schedule.  The beauty of being a work at home mom is that we can adjust to these things most of the time.  For my marketing consultation job I have to be able to get some work done during business hours.  But for my party planning and writing I can work whenever, unless there is a deadline.  Schedules; a beautifully challenging thing.

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