Friday, June 14, 2013

Wiling to Sacrifice?

What causes the most fights in your marriage?  Yea, mine - fantasy football.

Okay, I am joking more or less - but we do get a little wild around here when it comes to football.  Last week I got the email from my brother, the league is open for signing up.  *insert happy dance* 

This lead to a conversation about ... none other than Tim Tebow!  

It started as it always does, me saying that Tebow needs to be signed somewhere or I am "not going to have a QB for my team!"  Normally it leads to a conversation about how Tebow is a horrible QB and needs to change positions to Tight End and he would be signed in a heartbeat.  Which it did this time as well, but then Hubs went on ... 

Hubs went on to talk about how Tebow has always said that he is just grateful to be able to spread the Good News on a national platform.  All the experts are saying what a good Tight End he would be and he wants to be a QB.  Now, it is looking like his career is basically over.  So is it about his platform to spread the Good News, or is it about him and his career?  It is really looking like it is about him and his career, and his desires other than sacrificing his desires to truly share the news of Jesus.

That man (meaning my husband, not Tim Tebow) has much deeper thoughts about his faith than he shares.  I wish he would share his thoughts more.   

This really got me thinking.  What about us?  Would we be willing to do that?  Give up what we want, what we think we are good at, what we think we are made to do to keep sharing the Good News?  Or would we hold on to what we want and share the Good News the best we can?  

I would love to say, you bet I would change whatever I had to to keep sharing the Word!  But really, wouldn't we hold on to what we want, what we know, and where we are comfortable?  I know I would, and I have, and if I am honest probably am right now to some degree.  

However, God has answered Tim Tebow's prayer to play as QB a little bit longer.  He will be playing behind one of the best, Tom Brady.  Maybe a coach like Bill Belichick is exactly what a player like Tim Tebow needs just like Brett Favre needed Mike Holmgren.  

P.S.  Tim Tebow, if you read this, please do not think in any means that I think you are being selfish by wanting to play QB.  I am thankful that you are getting to play for a great coach and on a great team and I am excited to see what comes of your career.  

P.P.S Tim Tebow, if you read this I am totally going to geek out!  Kelly and Melissa you can quit laughing now.  :)

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