Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Work at Home Wednesday: Slow down to Speed Up

In an attempt to make my computer work faster I was cleaning off some old files.  Well, this should only be attempted by a trained professional.  I must have deleted something wrong files because it ... WILL NOT turn on.

This means that I basically have to use my father-in-laws computer to get anything and everything done.  This corner is what I see anytime I look slightly to the right.  See that purple crate in the corner of chaos - that is most of my work stuff.  I would move it to where ever I was working since I was working on a laptop.

Those bottom two shelves were basically empty!  There were tables in front of the shelves and blankets bundled up under them.  Complete chaos!

This cabinet was basically empty!  This does not even show the disarray that was the top of the desk!   

It was time to take a step back, slow down and get this area clean!  Then I would be able to take a leap forward.

Stuff that I couldn't really organize and that was not ours is hidden in the bottom of this cabinet.  I used containers I already had and just put things away really.  But look at it now!  So less chaotic!  I can actually sit here and get work done.

Do you hear the choir of angels coming from those rays
of sunlight?  haha 

Here is the best part 5 days later it still pretty much looks like this!  Only addition, a basket to hold the mass number of remotes! -- oh and temporary basket to hold all the medicines, tissues, wipes and because we have sickness going through the house needs.

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