Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Handling the BIG Questions

What is it with 4 years old and asking big tough questions already?

These are the questions/statements I have gotten in the last couple maybe 3 weeks.

About God:
  • God isn't real.  I can't see Him.
  • Where is Heaven?
  • When do we get to go there (Heaven)?
  • How is God here all the time if we can't see Him?
  • If God is in my heart how is He a person?
  • Why isn't God a person?
  • Why isn't Jesus a person anymore?
  • What is a Spirit? 
About Life:
  • Mommy, I want a baby sister.
  • When will my baby sister be here?
  • When my baby sister comes out of your tummy can I watch?
I can handle the baby sister questions.  Those are easy enough.  When will your baby sister be here?  - I don't know, there isn't a baby in Mommy's belly right now.  When will there be a baby in your belly Mommy? - When God puts one there.  Can I watch? - No, it's against the rules.  (That's not a lie since I have had c-sections she wouldn't be allowed in there.)

The God questions - I do my best, but dang those questions are hard!  You try to give simple answers since she is only 4.  Then it seems like those answers are not satisfying her because she keeps asking.  

How do you explain where Heaven is? -- Heaven is up in the sky, it's above the clouds.  When do I/we get to go there? {Dear Lord, not before me PLEASE!}  In a very, very, very long time.  - Thank you God she didn't then ask, "When I am 48?"  

Explaining these things to a 4 year old is amazingly difficult because you want to explain it in a way she understands, but yet some of it at 35 you still don't get.  I also don't want to use the excuse, "These are things you will understand when you are older."  I never want to give those answers.  I find myself having to go there when it comes to these questions.  Not because that is true, more because I don't know how to answer her.

So, I am seeking advise.  How do you explain God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, Heaven and prayer to your kids?

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