Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Embracing Childhood

Sometimes it is so super easy to make your kids happy.  All it takes is embracing childhood

Spring Time Puddle Fun

First warm day in AGES plus the snowiest Winter EVER (literally by an inch) equals TONS of snow melt puddles.

Coffee Grounds Dirt 
Sometimes a little thinking ahead is required

I had been planning to do this for him for some time.  We had a decent amount of coffee grounds, but it wasn't quite enough.  We had such a stuck inside winter I had to start pulling out the big dogs.

Coffee Grounds, Flour and Graham Cracker Crumbs - Almost an hour of fun for Little Mister.  

Sand Construction Site
Sometimes you have to think outside the box ... literally the sandbox.

Sand from the sandbox because "dirt" was such a huge hit he asked for it again a few days later and I had no coffee grounds.  (Lesson for Coffee Grounds Construction site - play on top of something to make clean up easier.)

Barbie Beach
Separation is sometimes required.

When sharing is not an option.

Mani's at Salon Little Miss
Sometimes it just takes saying yes.  There is power in saying yes.

Peel off Barbie nail polish and waking up before Little Mister from nap leads to a VERY happy 4 year old.

Warning:  When you are working on this post and your 2 year old sees the construction site pictures you might need to pull them out again -- as both of mine are currently playing in sand construction sites.

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