Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pin-Tested Tuesday: Candy Cane Coffee Cake

New feature here at The Hickman Five. A place to talk about those pins that we see, love and actually try.

SO here is the original pin that I saw:

My thought was -- That would be AMAZING for our 2nd annual North Pole Breakfast.  {This is our breakfast on the Saturday after Thanksgiving where our elf arrives.}

This pin took me over to Shower of Roses.  Then to get the recipe I had to go over to Catholic Cuisine.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving I get up before everyone does (around 6am) and get busy in the kitchen.  It was rather simple.  The first time I am making something I don't stray from the recipe.  It looked right.

While it was cooking I mixed up some hot cocoa.  Warm chocolate milk with the packets.  Marshmallows and a candy cane!  Perfection.

Christmas in a Cup!
Time! Looks good.  I didn't glaze ours, mainly because we were having TONS of other sweets.
Honestly, flavor wise I didn't think it really needed the glaze.

Table set ...
and picture photobombed by a hungry little boy.
Eddie our Elf brings presents, wraps our table, makes breakfast and is with us all Christmas season.  

Verdict on our tested pin:  Crescent rolls are probably not the best base for this.  Puffed pastry or pie dough might be a better idea.  Something that might stiffen up some more on the bottom.  Could be that I didn't bake it quite long enough.  I would make it again, but I might tweak the recipe next time.

Love to hear about your tested pins!

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