Friday, March 28, 2014

Whole Different Level

One day Husband saw my work notebook open one day.  "Wow, hun, that is a WHOLE NEW LEVEL."  -- I look at him, "What do you mean?  I told you my work book is becoming more and more like a smash book everyday."

He then explains, "Not only do you love your Post Its, you use them, add them to your book ... and then make them look like they are supposed to be there!  You are at a whole different level babes."

So I figured I would share with you what is quickly becoming a "To Do List", Inspirations, Idea Generation, Production Tracking, smash/art/creative journal notebook - that I love more and more everyday.

The big picture:  That is the current project 'to do' list with the orange highlights meaning 'To Done!'.  Those Post Its are stuck onto an overview sheet that is actually taped into the notebook.  

Many times I don't have my notebook when inspiration hits, but I always have a pad of Post Its in my purse.  So I jot or in this case doodle the idea on the paper and stick it here.  If I love the picture it can be scanned and used as clip art.  Cupcake more than likely, owl - cute, but not yet.  

Then there are the little elfs.  I have found that when I am planning a unit I will name it one thing and totally know exactly what that means.  Then when I come back to it in a few days to keep working on it I am stuck on the title.  What did I want to do again?  SO these little guys were so useful!  I just put the basic of what the idea is supposed to look like and taped them in.  

I also just right in it.  There was a scripture that came over my phone one day and this word smacked me in the face like a ton of bricks.  So I did what everyone does. I wrote it down and looked up some passages where it is used to see why it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Oh and I looked up the definition and have been meditating on this word for 2 weeks or so now.  Everyone does that right... not just us nerds.  

Then there is room for my favorite things ... Top pink - Little Mister was working with me on Thursday.  He was writing his name.  Little Miss wanted to know how to draw squares and rectangles.  They will be made to look like they are meant to be there no doubt.  

Then I share pages like this on Twitter and get responses like "You need to make a coloring book and that spurs ideas.  Then I jot them in the white spaces.  

So yes, it is a whole new level ...  OF AWESOMENESS! (Please hear that in the best Rainbow Dash Pony voice you can muster!)

Okay back to work.  Looking forward to finishing our SPRING BUNDLE today!

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