Tuesday, May 6, 2014

TpT Hearts Teachers {Tell Me About It Tuesday}

May 6th and May 7th is the TpT Hearts Teachers Sale.

So what can you find at our store?  How about the $0.80 sale!  Here are some of the great things you will find.  

$0.80 File Folder Games!

Penguins and Polar Bears are typically winter themes (Artic Animals) they are also great for a zoo animal week!

Hungry Penguins
Roll the custom die and move to the correct letter getting the penguins home.
Polar Bear Ice Hop
Roll the custom die and move to the correct iceberg getting the polar bears home.

Or how about stocking up for back to school?  A lot of us teachers like to do apples in September.  

I have some great choices for you.  {Again for $.80 for the next 2 days!} 

Pick an apple and put it in the correct bushel basket matching
colors green, yellow and red.
Now with a printer friendly black and white version.  

Starting with a full tree of apples pick a card.  Take that many apples off your tree.
It's a race to harvest all the apples!

Apple sorting by size and color.  
Not into File Folder Games?  

How about Large A to Z printable pages.  Great for play dough mats and writing centers.  

Printer Friendly!

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