Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wackadoodle Wednesday

Let me introduce {Wackadoodle Wednesday}.  This is a day that is a free for all.  It might be something crazy that I found on Pinterest.  It might be some silly thing my kids have said.  It might be a n almost Wordless Wednesday linky I joined.

Who knows!  It's just Wackadoodle!  In fact you can check out Touch of Home Learning's Wackadoodle Wednesday post over here.

Today's Wackadoodle Wednesday is all about where The Hickman Five have been hanging out lately.

The Zoo!

These faces are those of kids super excited for their surprise!  We didn't tell them the first time we went.  We also got a family pass so that we can go several times over the summer.  By this time we had already been invited 3 times!

The first time we all went.  It was great to have Daddy with us.  We will have all go again on a weekend really soon!

We have had some up close animal encounters.  We have learned what real animals look like when they are talked about in cartoons we watch.  Like a monitor lizard from Bubble Guppies.  

We will all enjoy the Carousal before the end of the summer.  I hope.

We spent a lot of time with the butterflies this morning.  One landed on little man's behind and one almost landed on little miss's arm.  

We are having a great time.  It's such a beautiful place.  

The best part is if we don't see everything in one day, it's okay.  We can stay until the kids are done and come back the next day if we want to.  

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