Monday, June 30, 2014

Modern Homemaker: Making the Bed

I don't consider myself much of a homemaker.  I mean I am mama, and I am wifey, and I do stay home and make sure things run smoothly here.  But I am not making my own lotions and soaps.

With that being said - part of making our home is making our beds.

A few nights ago my husband had mentioned how we needed to change the sheets.  Which was true, it was laundry time.  I realized that in order to have clean sheets I have to do all the wash from the bed and get it back on all in one day.  I was tired of all that work so I said, "Can I just go buy new sheets.  Then we will have a back up set."

Let make this clear -- I have had one set of sheets for my bed.

So I went out.  My original plan was just to head to The Bulls-eye - where I get EVERYTHING.  Target.  I am driving over there and I am thinking.  You know if I go to Garden Ridge I might be able to get a whole bed for only 10 to 15 more than what I was expecting to pay for just sheets.  Won't hurt to check.

I head to the bedding department - by the way this is the WORST store for me to go to by myself.  I could spend SO much money there!

I find some I like and decide this is what we are going to do.  It was $15 more than I thought I was going to spend, but worth the extra.

I take these pictures and send each one to Hubs.  I let him have the final say.  I liked them all so it didn't really matter.  Besides, it is his bed too.

He picked #4.  Now, I was completely expecting to pay full price for this bad boy!  I start walking around my store (yes I own it.  It is MINE!) and I see something out of the corner of my eye.  OH THE PICTURE I ADORE.

Here, enjoy!

I notice it is RED LINED!  50% off!  Really?!? I text Hubs and he tells me it is up to me.  Well while I am debating I look down and notice the bedding he picked ... SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! 50 % off Red Lined.  I scored!  I was going to get the painting until I saw it was scratched up and I really had no where to put it.  We decided we would recreate it as a family which will make it mean so much more.

So for $12 less than what I would have spent for just sheets I get to go to bed in this!

What is your latest SHUT THE FRONT DOOR find?

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