Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Review: Esther Queen of Persia by Jim Baumgardner

While on Facebook last night I find this status:
Joe Boyd: Fascinated - not surprised or hurt - by the 100+ negative comments to my latest blog on @HuffPostRelig re the BIble http://t.co/A2IhfcNLmi
So of course I had to go over there and see what was going on!  I read the entry and I started to read the comments.  So much negativity - they were even coming across like this is a man who is just a Christian with a view point.  I got really riled up, who could these people say these things without even knowing this man?  Why is no one who knows him standing up for him?

Let me sum it up like this.  Joe Boyd is the former teaching pastor at our church.  God has put a calling on this man to be a storyteller.  He is AMAZING!  The post is basically saying -- if we don't start sharing the stories of the bible they will get lost.

As a Christian I hate to admit it, but there are SO many stories in the bible that I don't know.  The story of Samson was used as an example in one of our services recently and I only had my knowledge of the Bible mini-series to go from.  So what he says is true, as Christians some of us don't know these stories and if they are not shared they will get lost.

Jim Baumgardner might feel along the same lines.  He is doing his part to share the stories of the bible in his unique way.  Just like Joe Boyd, he (Jim) is amazing.

Now, the story of Ester is one that I knew from the bible - 2 summers ago I did the Beth Moore Ester study.  However, you do not need to know the story from the bible to understand the book.

This is what Jim does - he takes the story from the bible, the history from the time and writes a captivating story.  My friends and I were shocked that half way through the book Ester finally becomes Queen of Persia, but the first half really puts you in Hadassah's shoes.  Her thoughts of being taken from her home, her fears of no longer being able to wed a Jew, her fears of what would happen if she isn't selected as Queen.  The whole book is like this.  It really brings the 4 chapter story from the Bible alive.

Jim Baumgardner is an amazing story teller and gifted with words.

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