Tuesday, July 15, 2014

{Tell Me About It Tuesday} God is at Work

Many times we don’t even see it until He is well on HIS way or when He is already finished.  

Two summers ago I decided I was going to start doing some bible studies.  I started with a Beth Moore Study of Esther.  I cannot believe the group of women that I met in that study.  Well then we did another.  When it was time for the 3rd study Keith and I were doing a class together.  Then I missed one because of life or two.  

I decided I was going to do Thursday morning studies because then I could take the kids, they would get social time and I would get study time.  Well, that didn’t work out for a variety of reasons.  I said to Keith if I am going to do bible studies I am going to do the Tuesday night ones - it is just easier.

Around Easter my friend (the “leader” of these studies) asked me about coming to Malachi this summer.  After the devil tried and tried to stop me from being in this study I joined up.  

It has been an interesting study.

I give this background information because along with this I decided it was time to be more intentional about my walk with the Lord.  I kept not getting up for quiet time because I just knew (feared really) that it would get hijacked because the kids would get up with me.  But I decided it was time to face that fear and just start doing it.  They would start sleeping past me getting up with my husband eventually.  

For some reason my little guy loves to sleep on the floor.  Not sure if it is a security thing, a firmness thing or just a silly thing.  You know he was playing with toys and just fell asleep.  

Well, I have been at this for a week now.  The kids have not gotten up with me once.  And only one time did they get up 30 minutes after me.  They have been sleeping at least an hour after I get up most days.  (Today they are going on 2!)

God is at work.  

I am fighting off a funk and I know it is the enemy.  Even with that being said, I am finding out strategies to combat that things that have been driving me crazy.  Things are getting better.  

Tune in tomorrow when I reveal an answered prayer.  It won’t be what you think.

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