Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tell Me About It Tuesday: Sue Hooley's 2015 Daily Planner

I was blessed with the opportunity to review Sue Hooley's 2014 and 2015 Daily Planner.

Here is a peek inside the 2015 planner.

As you can see it has TONS of room to plan out everything you have going on in your hectic, chaotic, bustling life.  You can write out the menu for the whole week right there on the weekly view and keep track of everything you want to get done using the task list.  

Here are some great little features.  On the monthly view there is a dotted line you can cut away to make month tabs.  Here on the weekly view you can cut or fold the corner to mark what week you are on.  

The 2015 planner also has other tabs behind the weekly view for Tasks, Projects, Info and Shopping. 

Tasks:  Two columns perfect for all those To-Do lists with a line across the top for a title.  I have a page for blog post ideas.  There are enough pages to dedicated one page per month for that month's goals and to do lists and still have other pages for other task lists.  In the 2015 planner these columns extend the full width of the page!

Projects:  This is much like the Tasks section but it has 2 sections, top and bottom, instead of columns.  In 2015 these are not boxes, they are just sections.  Great for project notes, notes from small groups you may be part of, recipes, or notes from a church service.  

Info: Name, Number and Address.  Great for keeping track of all those blogging contacts, babysitters and play-date mom's.  

Shopping:  Perforated three column shopping list.  Tear and go.

Folder pocket in the back to keep all receipts or note cards.  

I could easily keep track of what I was posting on the blogs, what we had going on at the gym and church, what we were doing during school time, what we were eating, and what I was reading in the bible.  Here take a look.

As you can see this is a picture from the 2014 planner.  The color scheme, cover and fonts are different in 2015.  It is a nice earth tone!  The fonts are bolder and easier to read.  The day and date are moved to the left instead of centered.  

Ascetically the 2015 planner is different, but the foundation of the 2014 and 2015 calendar are the same.

What I liked about the planner: 
- For those with lives that don't fit into perfect little time slots this is great that the day portions are just open.  It's perfect for the less Type A person.
- Encouraging scripture on each week.
- Room for our menu each week (when I take the time to plan it.)

I will still be able to do all of these things in 2015.  While learning 52 promises from God!  Thank you Sue!

To get yours head on over to Homemakers Friend.  It is 13.99 with 3.50 shipping and handling.  

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