Sunday, November 23, 2014

Train Unit Lapbook

While we were packing to get ready to head out of town for two weeks I was thinking.  I am going to need something to keep these two high energy kids busy during Thanksgiving Day.

Of course I could have turned to Pinterest to find a Thanksgiving learning and fun activities.  But today is for my little guy.  He would not be interested in Thanksgiving activities.

So I pulled out what he loves.

I printed off several activities from this unit.

  • Pattern Trains
  • Number Train
  • Rainbow Experss
  • Shape Train Cargo Match
  • Count and Fill Tank Car
  • Tracks Play-Dough Mat
  • Number Puzzles

I chose to leave everything black and white.  Little man can color anything if he wants.  Also, I was running out of time.  

I laid everything out on the file folder and started gluing envelopes to store pieces.  Then I assembled the Rainbow Express and stapled it onto the book.  I cut and folded all the pieces and put them in the envelopes.  I covered anything that I wanted to be wipe-away with clear packing tape.  

To keep the middle train in place I added a train gate to keep it in place when not in use.  

The back of the folder I glued an envelope at the bottom to hold the number puzzle pieces.  Then I taped on a sheet protector.  The sheet protectors hold the number puzzle pieces in place as well as has space for wipe away activities.  

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